Debit/ATM Cards

VISA® Debit Cards

Do you get tired of writing checks everywhere you go or have you encountered a “No Checks Accepted Here” sign?  First Pioneer National Bank has the solution, a VISA® Debit Card.

  • Debit Cards are used like a credit card
  • Funds are deducted from your primary checking account
  • Accepted at ATM machines for cash, inquiries and transfers worldwide
  • EMV (chip) technology keeps your card secure; to learn more about EMV chip cards click here.
  • Daily limit of $1,500 on point of sale purchases
  • Daily limit of $500 on cash withdrawals

You can prevent unauthorized purchases online from your debit card before they ever happen with VISA CheckoutVISA Checkout uses multiple layers of security, including fraud monitoring systems to help keep your payment information safe.

Go to VISA Checkout to learn more and enroll today!


ATM Cards

Get cash everywhere you go with a First Pioneer National Bank ATM Card. 

  • Accepted at ATM machines for cash, inquiries and transfers worldwide
  • Funds are deducted from your primary checking account
  • Daily limit of $500 on cash withdrawals

Pioneer NetTeller Card Management

If you are a Pioneer NetTeller customer, you may now activate, reorder, or report a lost/stolen ATM or Debit Card in Pioneer NetTeller or Pioneer Mobile Banking.  In Pioneer Mobile Banking you may also suspend (or freeze) and reactive ATM or Debit Cards.

  • In Pioneer NetTeller simply go to the "Options - ATM/Debit Card" tab and select the box under the service you wish to complete.
  • In Pioneer Mobile Banking simply go to "Preferences - Manage Cards", select the card you want to work with, then select the service you wish to complete.
There is a $10 fee for each reorder you initiate.  Please contact the FPNB Help Desk during regular banking hours for assistance or to learn more.

ATM & Debit Card Safety Tips

ATM and Debit Card crime does happen.  Preventing such a crime is a cooperative effort between you and the Bank.  This includes protecting your ATM or Debit Card number, Personal Identification Number (PIN), and cash, and being aware of the condition of ATM and Point of Sale (POS) machines and your surroundings.

It's no longer enough to take measures to protect your physical safety and your cash after a transaction -- now you must be aware of cameras and skimming devices that secretly steal your bank account numbers and PIN numbers.  Here are some tips for safer transactions:

  • Protect Your Card and PIN.  Protect your ATM and Debit Card as if it were cash.  Report lost or stolen cards immediately.  Don't write your PIN on your card or give the number out to anyone, including friends and family. Avoid using numbers that are easily identified (birth date, phone number, etc.) with your personal identity.
  • Be Watchful for "Skimmers".  Do not swipe your card in machines that claim to clean, re-magnetize or renew your card.  If the machine looks like it has been tampered with, re-manufactured or has any loose parts don't use it.  This machine could be a "skimmer" which is used to copy identifying information from the magnetic strip on your card.
  • Take the Receipt With You.  Never leave the receipt behind, even after an incomplete transaction.  Discarded ATM receipts can lead to identity theft and account hijacking.
  • Be aware of suspicious texts or email messages. The Bank usually will not contact you via text message or email about your ATM or Debit Card, unless you have previously agreed to this method of communication; if you receive a suspicious text or email message claiming to come from the Bank, contact us to check the legitimacy.
  • Be aware of phone calls you receive. Phone calls you receive may not actually be from the Bank. You should not provide your full card number, PIN or CVV code over the phone. When in doubt, call the Bank to verify contact.
  • Be on guard against phishing attacks. Do not open attachments or click links in emails you were not expecting.
  • Check Your Debit Card Account Frequently.  If you find any irregularities in your statement (e.g. charges made for items that you didn't order, cash withdrawals that you didn't make), then contact the Bank immediately to report the incident.  A small transaction (e.g. $0.01 or other small amounts) may be indicative of a criminal "checking" the card information to see if it is legitimate. A larger fraudulent charge typically follows. Your liability under Federal law for unauthorized use of your ATM or Debit Card depends on how quickly you report the loss.

Lost/Stolen Debit Card – Fraudulent Charges

If your card is lost, stolen or you suspect fraudulent charges, it is important that you report the incident immediately to help ensure potential losses are kept to a minimum.  Call the FPNB Help Desk during regular banking hours or you can call the following numbers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:


  • 1-888-297-3416 (United States)
  • 1-206-352-4990 (International)